• Why UK?

    Huge Demand: UK is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students.  First-year Indian international students have increased by 27%, from 41,815 in 2019-20 to 53,015 in 2020-21, representing 19% of all non-EU enrolments.

    Society: With a multicultural society, a burgeoning financial services sector, state-of-the-art scientific laboratories, 4 of the world’s 10 universities, and a universally admired and innovative education system, the United Kingdom does wonders for a student’s life and career.

    Education Approach: The United Kingdom offers intense, shorter courses than many other countries. One can complete an undergraduate degree in just 3 years, a postgraduate degree in a year, and defend a doctoral thesis after just 4 years, without compromising on quality. While not everyone can get into Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, LSE, or the University of Edinburgh, even mid-level UK universities offer valuable degrees that are immediately encashable in the job market.

  • Requirements to study in the UK

    To study in the UK, one needs to clear IELTS tests of English proficiency and provide academic transcripts and the required documents in a format that makes it easier for the university to release CAS letters that are crucial to the student visa process.

  • Jobs: during and after the degree

    The UK post-study work visa allows international students to stay back in the UK to search for work for a period of 2 years after completing their graduate studies. This, coupled with the ability to hold temporary jobs in the intervening period for up to 50% of the total length of your studies, makes it easier for students to find lucrative jobs in the UK and work towards residence permits and citizenship- if that is what they want.

    The UK also offers many opportunities for Tier 1 post-degree entrepreneurial visas if it gains approval and funding from venture capitalists.


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